So were you one of the over 13,000 people who may have seen our first YouTube commercial playing this summer?  Well go ahead and watch it.... tell us what you think.  Go ahead, comment below.... we can take it! 

HOWEVER!  We already know the following:

It's cheesy as hell!

It can be a bit annoying.

Can you say "Campy"

What do you mean they're not really twins!?!?!

Ooooo gurl that's a bad blonde wig!

And if you play it over and over and over and over it'll make you probably want to punch yourself in the face just to distract from it.


But hey, it's YouTube, and it was our first commercial.  So even if you hate it, we hope you still love it!


Remember!  Tan Safe!




P.S.  The best part?  We've got another one launching soon!  Muahahahahaaaa!!!!!


So we've decided that we don't give enough away at so we're going to change that.  Each month (sometimes more) we're going to make sure we're giving away lotions to you, our awesome customers!  Now because we like to make things easy, you only need retweet a tweet, or enter your e-mail address to win.  None of this jumping through hoops stuff, because let's face it, that sucks.


So if you're not already following us on Twitter, get on it here:

And if you're not already aware of this months contest, get on it here:


Have an idea for another way to win?  Leave it in the comments below! Until then, enter now and enter often and good luck!


- Gabriel


Win Your Bottle!

June 06, 2014

How does a free bottle of lotion sound?

Pretty good eh?

Okay, then let's do this!  It's easy.  All you have to do is pick the lotion you'd love to win on our site, and write a review for it!  How do you do that you ask?  Well select the bottle and on the right you'll see "Write a review".  Click that and you're one step closer to winning!  WAHOOOO!

That's it.  That's all!  It doesn't get any more difficult than that.

So go!  Do it!  And win!  Oh and make sure you put your email address in the review (don't worry it will remain private) so we can contact you when you win!  

We'll pick the winner on June 20th!

Good luck!


Now go bronze that booty!