With Antioxidant Rich Mangosteen

AZURE™ is an extreme tingling bronzer that provides both immediate and delayed bronzing satisfaction. You will experience an intense reddening and warming sensation that will be coupled with a strong cosmetic bronzer as well as high levels of DHA and natural bronzers. You will be beautiful bronzed following your tanning session as well as notice the effects of the powerful mangosteen which will energize the skin and slow the aging process. A Divine Awakening scent will leave the senses wanting more!

Lightweight, creamy lotion.

Strong DHA, natural and cosmetic bronzer.

Anti-aging and skin-firming benefits.
Fragrance: Divine Awakening

Product Actions: Tan Enhancer, DHA Bronzer, Tingle

Product Specs: 7 US fl. oz. (200 mL) bottle


Category: Bronzer, Tingle

Type: Tanning Lotions