CT ID Natural Bronzer Step 2

  • CT ID™ Bronzer by California Tan® is infused with Age Erase Complex™ to help restore radiance and energy to the skin. This tanning lotion is specifically formulated withClinically Proven Ingredients to help enhance skin's hydration, for noticeably youthful looking skin. Optimize dark color results with rich nutrients found in Natural Bronzers,CuCO2® and TRF™.

    2 Weeks
    93% improvement in firmness/elasticity/texture for smoother/tighter skin*
    87% improvement in radiance/brightness/luminosity*
    87% reported skin looked and felt better/healthier/younger*
    87% improvement in reversal of wrinkles/deep penetrated wrinkles/expression lines*

    4 Weeks
    100% increase in moisture/hydration/skin nourishment*
    97% improvement in overall skin condition/feel of skin/skin softer to the touch*
    90% improvement in skin quality/clarity/condition*

    *Clinical test conducted on volunteers who used the product a.m. and p.m. daily for 8 weeks

  • Size: 6.4oz

Category: 2016, Bronzer

Type: Tanning Lotions