Pauly D Sunless Bronzing Spray

Easy Application Instant Dark Bronzing Formula

Pauly D's Bronzing Spray™ Delivers the deepest, darkest bronze color achievable in a sunless tanner. This luxuriously dark formula ensures even color distribution with its 360° application spray. Vitamin C & E protect skin and help reduce the signs of aging, while Awapuhi helps ensure deep nourishment and moisture for the skin. Pauly D's Bronzing Spray™ can be used to add a bit of color before a big night out, or transform your already tan skin for a deeper and darker bronzed result.

Instant and Delayed Bronze Color.

Easy 360 Application Spray.

Skin Nourishing Moisturizers.
Fragrance: Midnight Coconut

Product Actions: Self Tanner, Bronzer

Product Specs: 6 US fl. oz. (180mL) BOV spray